Countless varieties of traditional cider apples are harvested at the peak of ripeness, then pressed, fermented and distilled in an antique copper still. But only after long years of quiet ageing in specially selected oak barrels does this exceptionally aromatic spirit develop the rich colour and complex apple character worthy of the BERNEROY Calvados name.


                           FRESH & FRUITY

Bursting with fresh apple 
flavors and aromas. Serve straight up, on the rocks, or in a variety of cocktails.


                      HEARTY & AROMATIC

Full-bodied with ripe apple flavors 
and notes of vanilla oak. Enjoy as an after-dinner drink, over ice, or in a variety of cocktails.


                         RICH & COMPLEX

Rich, complex flavors of baked apples and subtle oak with a long, memorable finish. Savor neat, as an after-dinner drink, or with a splash of water.