Borderies VSOP


For the 2014 Limited Edition of our BORDERIES VSOP, Cellar Master Patrick Léger remains faithful to the lively, mineral style which has become the hallmark of the prestigious Borderies cru. 
Comprising mainly wines produced on the estates of Domaines CAMUS, the BORDERIES VSOP is composed predominantly of Ugni Blanc. Achieving a delicate balance between scientific precision and artistic flair, our master distiller crafted a subtle blend of wines and light lees which, through the alchemy of distillation, have yielded an 
eau-de-vie of superior richness and structure. Our special oak casks, guardians of the unique aromatic personality of CAMUS Cognacs, help nurture and enhance the aromatic power and distinctive characteristics of the Borderies terroir over the course of the long, complex ageing process.


Borderies XO


An emotional tribute to the CAMUS family’s home terroir, the XO Borderies is a unique experience. Despite being the smallest, Borderies is without a doubt the most sought-after Cognac cru. Ancestral home of the CAMUS family, the limestone soil and ideal sun exposure of the Borderies terroir provides the vines with a perfect hydric balance.
The eaux-de-vie used to make Borderies XO have an astounding aromatic intensity and a remarkable velvety texture. Produced largely from the CAMUS family’s most prized vines, they are distilled on the lees before long aging in oak barrels.
Produced in limited quantities, Borderies XO offers a rare, exquisite tasting experience.