The Cognacs in the CAMUS Rarissimes range are all chosen to mark a special vintage, vineyard, or event – and the Rarissimes “seal of rarity” distinguishes them as extraordinary cognacs. Certified by a bailiff and available exclusively in limited editions, the Rarissimes range reveals through its refinement and beauty, the aromatic alchemy of the very rare and excellent Cognacs within.

Rarissimes 1970

This year, renowned as one of the greatest of the century, enjoyed particularly favorable weather conditions.

After a cold, rainy winter the buds came out perfectly in April and then developed well in the hot, dry summer.

A wonderful Indian summer came after the perfect rainy spell in September. This ideal combination created superb grapes producing wines distilled exclusively in 2,500-liter stills, giving rise to this Cognac with its exceptional personality.

This very rare 1970 Petite Champagne underwent optimum aging conditions in a dry cellar before being bottled at the balanced alcohol degree of 46%.

Rarissimes 1983

1983 was a challenging year for many producers in the Charente, with heavy hailstorms causing damage in the spring followed by a very warm summer.

Distilled the 120th anniversary year of the House of CAMUS, this 1983 Fins Bois Cognac blends rich fruit with spicy aromas and a hint of vanilla, to create an overall sensation of profound harmony.
The hints of nutmeg and other spices are a sure sign of maturity, while the vine flower aromas add a touch of finesse and the candied citrus fruit aromas ensure that the 1983 still retains a vibrant freshness.

Rarissimes 1988

This CAMUS 1988 Fins Bois boasts considerable elegance and restraint.

Despite difficult weather conditions with a late flowering period, mainly due to the wet winter with its incessant rain, the grapes reached sufficient ripeness and complexity resulting in a sensory Cognac, ideal for a moment of pure contemplation.

The magical moment of tasting calls on all the senses to savour its delicious aromas of spring herbs, fruits and flowers, wild honey, spices and precious wood.

With this Fins Bois Cognac, all the character provided by distillation exclusively in stills of 2,500 liters enhances the intense lemony and floral freshness of wines that have undergone batonnage (stirring of the lees).

Aromas of grape, blackcurrant and redcurrant mingle together in perfect harmony.

Caramel, honey and a few woody notes emerge, witha note of caramelized pear.